Industrial Metal Double Doorways

– Astragals is not going to be required on double egress or totally different purposes with 90-minute or much less rankings. Check with the door producer’s printed listings.

– Astragals must be metal overlapping kind. Weatherstripping astragals rated for 3 hours (180 minutes) don’t fulfill the astragal requirements for metal fireplace doorways.

– When astragals are used on pairs of doorways outfitted with hearth exit {hardware}, a coordinator must be used to ensure right closing and latching sequence.

– An astragal may be used on a pair of doorways equipped with a mortise exit gadget on the full of life leaf and a vertical rod on the inactive leaf.

– An astragal can’t be used on pairs of doorways swinging within the an identical course outfitted with double vertical rods, given that astragal will forestall the operation of considered one of many door leaves. Since three hour (180 minute) rated openings require an astragal, double vertical rod capabilities can’t be utilized in pairs swinging in the identical course.

– Astragals might be both screw-hooked up or welded to the acceptable door.

– Astragals is not going to be used on pairs of doorways with an open again strike.

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